Earnings/Expectations Disclaimer

Limitations of The Suggestions/Guidance/Service We Provide

The information, advice, consultation, recommendations and management services available from The Online National Residential Estate Agents experts and their expert partner network through the Nat Res Property Buyer's Club, portfolio management or mentoring services are not intended as a substitute for individual research and decision making nor as an opportunity to "get rich quick" without significant work and dedication from our clients.

All information or advice given will be open, transparent and made in our clients' interest however it is provided with no guarantee implied or given. It is are intended only as description of what our experts would do in the same situation with the same options available to the client using their personal and professional experience/hindsight for reference.

User Effort & Personal Circumstances

Any person/s using our services should consider the opinion and information we provide alongside other information including their own thoughts and personal/financial circumstances to make their own informed decisions and full responsibility and/or reward for their due diligence and decisions or actions made on their behalf.

As with any business, the levels of success our clients can reach using the techniques, ideas and information we provide depend entirely on the effort, impetus and commitment clients make to enact strategies and utilise the information and expertise we can provide, together with the implementation of our ideas plus other factors beyond our control such as changing personal and financial circumstances.

Projected Success

The testimonials and experiences provided are real life examples of the levels of success people have achieved using the strategies we employ but they may not be typical. They are intended as demonstration of what is achievable not what will be achieved.

Risk / Change Of Plans

All investment strategies incur risk. All the experts who contribute to our services have experienced financial loss from investment strategies. While they may be able to use their past experiences and current market observations to help clients prevent loss, limit loss and/or predict potential problems that could lead to loss, it is unrealistic and it would be ill-informed to expect zero risk.

Property prices can go up and down. Legislation can change. Natural disasters can occur. Tenants can cause problems (despite best practice safeguards advised by all our landlords).

While our experts have significant experience of dealing with all of the above, the solutions they have taken may not be suitable for everyone depending on resources, cash flow and/or ambition.

We are confident our experts can solve any problem to preserve profits and/or limit loss but we cannot and do not guarantee no loss.

Any property secured by a loan is at risk if you fail to repay the loan.

Personal Responsibility

The worst 'worst case scenario' any of our experts would be prepared to risk on their investments is losing money by having to sell an investment property for less than it cost to buy.

Please do not purchase any product or service if you cannot afford to make a limited loss in a 'worst case' scenario'.

This includes:

• If you do not have any type of financial resource to pay financing loans without a rental income for a short time during normal void periods – e.g. up to 6 weeks between tenancies.
• If you have to lend any money you secure by falsifying the possibility of loss.


Please do not conceal information or mislead us or any of our expert partners about your financial stability and/or income. Any recommendations we make will be based on the information you give us. It is not the duty of National Residential or our partners to validate or check any information you provide.

If you cannot obtain any lending you need to further our suggestions because a bank or building society (who WILL check the information you provide) withdraw any conditional offer due to misleading information, you will be charged for our services.

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